The Art Deco movement of the 1920's indulges in decadence, strong geometry, rich colours and bold prints. Inspired by Ancient Egypt, Art Deco reflects the Egyptian era's obsession for beauty, gold and luxurious living.
Mrs Deco, with the same namesake, channels the Art Deco movement in the collection's iconic prints, as well as the quality of fabric, and the simplistic design of the items. Each item has been named after Egyptian names.
Seeing a gap in the market for clothing that is versatile for both activewear and swimwear, Mrs Deco's Founder took her idea to an Ipad sketch during the 2020 pandemic, which quickly evolved into a Singapore based brand, launching with the debut BxW collection in August 2020. And has now launched the 1 anniversary collection, "Go Bold, Stay Luxe" which launched on 08.08.21!
The luxury & leisure wear is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort both on land in sea, on holidays and as casual wear. Handmade in a factory in Bali, Indonesia. 
Thank you for the support and being a part of our journey.